Introitus for Organ Solo, (2000), ca 12'

Cat. no: 10148
first performance: 12 I 2000, Warszawa
performers: Andrzej Chorosiński (org)

''Introitus'' was performed for the first time by Andrzej Chorosiński as an integral part of ''Missa pro pace'' during the world premiere of this Mass on 12 January 2001 in the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, thus inaugurating also the new organ of the Philharmonic. It may be performed as an introduction to ''Missa pro pace'' or as an independent composition.

Polonaise from the film ''Pan Tadeusz” in arrangement for Piano

Cat. no: 9993

A piano version of the famous ''Polonaise'' from the film adaptation of Adam Mickiewicz's ''Pan Tadeusz'' directed by Andrzej Wajda with Wojciech Kilar's excellent music.

Theme [Moving to the Ghetto] from the film ''Pianist''in arrangement for Piano

Cat. no: 10278

''The Pianist'' is a story of Władysław Szpilman, pianist and composer who lived in Warsaw during the war and escaped from train to Auschwitz. ''It is my most personal movie'' - said Roman Polański. ''The Pianist'' won a main prize ''Golden Palm'' at Cannes Festival as well and was awarded in 7 categories by ''Cesar'' in France including music).

Three Mazurkas for Piano (2006), ca 11'

Cat. no: 10459

After a break of more than fifty years, the composer has returned to writing for the piano.

The Mazurka in A minor is dedicated to Władysława Markiewiczówna, with whom he learned to play the piano at the Music Lyceum in Katowice. The first in the cycle, the Mazurka in F sharp minor is dedicated to Tomasz Gluziński, the distinguished Lviv poet, a soldier from the AK (Home Army) and also trainer of the national alpine skiing team. The last Mazurka, in A major is dedicated to the distinguished pianist Andrzej Jasiński.

The content of edition:

Kilar Wojciech - Mazurka F sharp minor
Kilar Wojciech - Mazurka A minor
Kilar Wojciech - Mazurka A major

Three Preludes for Piano (1951), ca 5'

Cat. no: 9745

The three preludes (1951), from twelve composed on the model of Bach's preludes, were discovered and revised by Kazimierz Morski. Arranged to achieve contrast in respect of tempo, tonality and character, they provide unusually spectacular teaching and concert hall repertory.

Three Preludes for Piano, I, perf . Magdalena Prejsnar

Three Preludes for Piano, II, perf . Magdalena Prejsnar

Three Preludes for Piano, III, perf . Magdalena Prejsnar

Waltz from the film ''Promised Land'' in arrangement for Piano,

Cat. no: 10129

Wojciech Kilar is a very famous film music composer. One of his best known scores comes form ''The Promised Land'' directed by Andrzej Wajda. Especially his ''Waltz'' form this movie is worth listening and playing on your piano.

Publisher: PWM
Series: Musical Frame (Film Music)
Cover: softback
Nr ISBN/ISSN: 83-224-0776-9
Number of pages: 8
Format: A4 stoj. 210x295
Language version of text: pol., engl.
Edition's nr: 1
Edition's year: 2001
Photographs by: Renata Pajchel
Cover design by: Witold Abako
Editor: Wojciech Widłak
Reduction by: Wojciech Widłak