The composer met his future wife while studying. In 2009, on the second anniversary of her death, the composer spoke about how they met in an interview with the „Niedziela” newspaper: „I met my wife, Barbara Pomianowska in the building that is now the Music Academy in Katowice.Then the ground floor housed the Music Liceum, and the Academy on the first floor. Basia was 18 years old then and in the final year of school and I was already in my dipoma year at the Music Academy; I was 22 years old. One day I was walking through the corridor down the stairs and suddenly on the corner of the stairs I saw Basia’s silhouette, and she suddenly disappeared. Something about that silhouette fascinated me and I could say it was love at first sight. This real twist of Divine Providence I liken to a lightning strike, as in The Godfather ... I sometimes think that it was a matter of a few seconds or minutes, because if I had not passed there, perhaps Basia would never have fallen to my eye. I am very grateful to God for that special moment, which impacted all of my later life, which could have rolled in a completely different direction; I met a person with a different vision of life. Our engagement lasted very long, 12 years, but in this there was also the finger of God. We got married in April 1966 in the Katowice Cathedral parish.” („Niedziela”, 52/2009)

In 1959-60 he was educated in Paris with Nadia Boulanger under a French government scholarship. Soon he was awarded the Lili Boulanger Prize in Boston for his piece “Ode Béla Bartók in memoriam”. This piece, published in 1960 by PWM as the composer’s second major piece, closes the "neo-classical period" in the work of Wojciech Kilar